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Specialty Vendors

Specialty Vendor Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a specialty vendor at Sip & Shop the Best of Missouri. Our event will be held November 4th 2017 on the Missouri State Fairgrounds located at 2503 W. 16th St. in Sedalia, Missouri. Join us as we showcase Missouri's best and most unique specialty boutiques, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

Sip & Shop the Best of Missouri is a great place to market your product or service to a state-wide audience. Specialty vendors will be selected through a juried application process. Type and kind of specialty vendors will be limited in order to ensure a variety of gift merchandise for our guests, while allowing each vendor maximum sales potential. For purposes of the event and application, a specialty vendor is a person or company that offers a high-end, distinctive product or service including unique restaurants, specialty boutiques, tourist destinations, etc .

Each day, vendor spotlights (aka ... PinterMISSIONS) will provide on-stage opportunities for vendors to showcase a particular product, demonstrate a specific technique, or otherwise feature a unique aspect of your business. If you would like to be featured during a PinterMISSION, please indicate on the form below. Vendors must submit :
  1. An on-line application (no paper applications will be accepted).
  2. A sample of their work or product. If this doesn't seem practical due to size or the uniqueness of the product, please upload a high quality photo and website link. Be sure to include the Product Submission Form with products you mail in.
Applications will only be considered complete when both items have been received.
The Vendor Selection Committee will carefully review each vendor application, product submission, and booth photos to ensure high-quality, distinctive products provide a wide variety of unique gifts for our shoppers. Presentation matters, so please provide a quality representation of your products and booth set up.

Important reminders:
  • Specialty vendor businesses must be located in Missouri.
  • Samples must be representative of 80% of the product you will bring to the show.
  • We would appreciate the donation of your juried product samples for use as special door prizes! Donations are not required for your acceptance into the Market Place.
  • If you would like your product sample returned, please enclose a self-addressed UPS or FedEx label with all of your pertinent information, or indicate that you will pick up your items at the Missouri State Fair Foundation office located on the Missouri State Fairgrounds. Otherwise, your sample(s) will be used for door prizes .
  • Each vendor will receive 2 complimentary "Shopping Only" admission tickets per 10x10 booth rental.
  • A private, Vendor Hospitality Lounge will provide you with complimentary food and drink both days.
  • Volunteers will be available to assist you with loading, unloading, set up, bathroom breaks, etc.
Vendor Booth Information
  • The Mathewson Exhibition Center is an indoor, fully climatized, arena style venue.
  • All vendors will be set up on the concrete arena floor.
  • Artisan & Specialty Vendors will be interspersed between the award-winning wineries
  • Each Basic 10'x10 booth will rent for $100 and include complimentary: black or red pipe & drape, one 6' foot rectangle table, 1 chair and booth signage.
  • Basic Booths may be upgraded through the rental of:
    • Electricity for $25
    • WiFi - FREE
    • Premium Booth Location for $150 (see map for Premium booth locations)
  • Vendors may choose to rent more than one booth; however, all rental rates remain the same.
Vendor Applications should be submitted as soon as possible in order to ensure preferential consideration. Once vendors have been notified of acceptance, payment for your booth rental must be received within 5 business days. If your booth rental payment is not received within 5 business days, your application approval will be rescinded and a new vendor will be selected to fill your space.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please don't hesitate to call our office if you have questions: 660-530-5620.

Company Information

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Specialty Information

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List other events at which you have been a vendor:
PinterMISSION Hourly vendor spotlights

Final Details

Booth Rental
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Booth Photo (optional) Submit a photo of your proposed booth display.
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Door Prizes

Vendor Application Checklist
On-line applicaiton is REQUIRED

I agree to the terms and conditions

Thank you for submitting your Specialty Vendor Application to Sip & Shop the Best of Missouri. We hope to see you in November! Cheers!!
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