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Swine Barn


The Swine Barn was constructed in 1922 and is listed on the National Historic Register. The architect was Thomas Bast and the contractor was Dean & Hancock. The original barn was constructed with a center show ring, areas on the east and west for animal pens and corner towers with sleeping rooms at a cost of $125,000.The west side of the building was designed to be as elaborate as the east, but was never completed. In 1960, a metal building was added on the west side.


The Missouri State Fair Foundation has made it our mission to cultivate youth actively engaged in agriculture. This year our Foundation has chosen to invest significant resources in our youth swine exhibitors. We chose this as a project because last year we had more than 1,700 4H and FFA swine entries (almost more than 3 times our other livestock entries and our fastest growing livestock entry area too). This reflects Missouri’s top 10 national ranking in various areas of the pork industry and our mission is to cultivate the next generation of agriculture through preservation, education, and improvement initiatives at the Missouri State Fair.

Then and Now

When youth arrive at the Missouri State Fair we want to provide them with an exhibit area that reflects both Missouri’s national standing in agriculture and the effort, investment and achievements of our youth. The Show Rings are at the heart of the barn and unfortunately the most outdated and dysfunctional areas. To address the challenges presented by limited space and growing exhibitor numbers, improvements include new show ring system, new placing pens, new staging pens, ADA bleachers, and renovated wash areas ... as funding is provided. Check out our progress ...
Previous show ring.
Previous show ring panels
Previous show ring panels.
Dangerous flashing.
Bleachers removed and wood salvaged. Stay tuned to see how you can own a piece of history.
Old bleachers and show ring removed. Ready for the new.
Improvements begin on wash rack ramps.
Flashing repaired.
Installation begins on new 4H show ring.
New 4H show ring in place.
New placing pens.
Truman and Tyne enjoy showing in new 4H ring.
New bleachers needed.

Legacy Contributions

We are still very much in the process of raising funds for improvements. Join our efforts to preserve the legacy of the Missouri State Fair Swine Barn for future generations. Invest today and pay it forward through a cash contribution, membership in our Foundation and/or the purchase of Legacy Gifts and Apparel.
Swine Barn Investment
Swine Barn Investment
Invest today in the next generation of agriculture. Your contribution will be used to make improvements to the Missouri State Fair Swine Barn.


The Missouri State Fair has been a family tradition for more than 110 years, providing Missourians a great way to re-connect with their roots, celebrate their heritage, and showcase their accomplishments. It is a place where memories are made and the future is cultivated. Membership in our Foundation is the perfect way to honor your family's Fair heritage, change young lives, and create new possibilities for the future.Join our grass root efforts today!
Swine Barn Plaque
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Thank you to those who have purchased a Swine Barn Bleacher Wood Plaque.

Plaque #1: Wayne & Sally Minnick

Plaque #2: Amanda Reid

Plaque #3: Ron Ditzfeld

Plaque #4: Jay O'Bannon

Plaque #5: Heimer Hampshires

Plaque #6: Chris & Pam Homefeld

Plaque #7: Team Sloan Livestock

Plaque #8: Nathan & Ashley Forkner

Plaque #9: Barbara Hayden

Plaque #10: Brock Farms - Kerwin & Melanie Brock

Plaque #11: Aaron Briscoe

Plaque #12: Pork Vision/DS&K Farms-Scott Preston

Plaque #13: Kevin Shireman

Plaque #14: Charlie Rosenkrans

Plaque #15: Brotherton Family Farms

Plaque #16: Lemmie Wells

Plaque #17: Drew & Shirley Jackson

Plaque #18: Mark Young

Plaque #19: Raasch Show Farms Show Pigs

Plaque #20: Justin & Jamie Clithero

Plaque #21: Ron Wolf

Plaque #22: JR Reid

Plaque #23: Lance Martin

Plaque #24: Michael Curtis

Plaque #25: Doug Loges

Plaque #26: Chillicothe FFA Alumni

Plaque #27: Purchased by Barbara Hayden - Given to Mike Parson

Plaque #28: MO Pork Association

Plaque #29: Forrest Lucas

Plaque #30: Charlie Mitchell

Plaque #40: Eugene Hinnah

Plaque #31: Todd & Nicci Wilson

Legacy Apparel

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Show the world you live The Creed! Emily Curtis, MO State Fair Foundation member, designed a special shirt to give YOU a chance to make an individual difference and help leave a legacy. All proceeds will be used to make improvements to the Swine Barn at the Missouri State Fair. Last year 1,762 FFA & 4H swine were exhibited at the Fair. Our goal is to sell 1,762 Legacy shirts. Purchase your Legacy shirt today at: Legacy Apparel
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